MAKERS COFFEE本格オープンに向けた休業のお知らせ

プロトタイプとして富ヶ谷で営業しておりましたMAKERS COFFEEですが、来春、表参道にて本格オープンする運びとなりました!

新しいMAKERS COFFEEは気軽に入れるコーヒー屋の軸はそのままに、より一層お客さまにクリエイティブな空間を提供する場として新しいコーヒー屋のカタチを構想しております。ワークとチルアウトの間に存在するクリエイティブな感覚を、モノづくりをする人々、クリエイター同士で共有し、関係性を築くことのできるプラットフォーム(フォースプレイス)として、店舗とウェブサービスを提供して参ります。


Announcement: Proto-store in Tomigaya will be closed and will officially reopen in Omote-sando.

MAKERS COFFEE has been experimentally operating as a proto-store at Tomigaya (Yoyogi Park), but it has been decided that the new permanent upgraded store will be located and officially opened at Omotesando, Tokyo next spring! Due to preparations, the current proto-store will be closed on April 17.

The new MAKERS COFFEE will keep the same friendly concept, and we are also exploring the idea of making the new coffee shop and even more creative space. We would like to establish the shop as a new platform (4th place) where creators and makers can connect, network and ideas. We will provide an atmosphere in which visitors can work or chill out, and stimulate creativity through both retail and web services. We believe we can develop a new working and creative lifestyle together.

Thank you to all of you who visited our proto-store. We will keep you posted on our future activities through this website and Facebook, so please do look forward to that!


text by : cyberryo


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